Modern Robin Hood

Gilberto Baschiera                      (Italy)                     

Ozel Clifford Brazil                        (Usa)

A  female Robin Hood          (Germany)                                                                                         

Gordillo                                          (Spain)                   

The modern Robin Hoods are punished by the law system when it comes in to light that they take relatively small amounts (millions) from the rich and give it all to the poor. Hoods usually loose their home and job,  are send to jail  and have to pay the money back even when they are poor themselves.

But the men who plundered Europe of 55 billions Euro for themselves  felt they were entitled to it, that the states were a hen house with a open door, and they themselves were foxes, commiting the perfect crime. They looked down on ordinary taxpaying europeans, feeling superior. It was no moral problem for them to steel the money that should be used for schools, hospitals,  et cetera. And they are usually not punished, the keep the money for themselves, assisted by the system.

Hanno Beerger is one of six people charged in court for allegedly getting improper refunds on trades that were valued at $18 billion. And he claims for human rights to protect him from responsibility almost as if he, the mastermind of the cum ex fraud, was the victim.

A insider is telling the story and describes the ashole moral of the plunderers, banks and lawyers.