Situational factors: his father had died and he was in grief. Alone. Isolated. Without friends.

Life was miserable. E was educated and interested in history, philosophy and literature.

By chance he got in contact with J,  started to take 2 hours walks each sunday in a park or by the sea. Doing this E devolped his recipe for the day. He was appreciated for his wisdom and kindness and became more social, feeling good.


Be the captain of your day. Do what you like and is good for you, do it simple. Do it now.

Who: persons who have the time to disposal that is required.

Purpose: living well.

When: each day you are the captain of your day and not the victim of external factors.

Where: in the local enviroment, where you are.

Tools: walks, diary, good relations, body, heart, brains. Your resources, economy, friends.

Why? To feel satisfaction, suffer less, produce meaning,  good relations, interests and health.

Structure & meaning

Einstein said it's easy to be happy. 

Find something that interests you and spend your time on it.

Einstein probably had Asperger, and this rather helped than prevented him from thinking  independently. He also said that there is a need for a new way of thinking to solve the problems that the old ways of thinking has created.

With regard to work, targeted action, it has turned into wageslavery for hunreds of millions of people. A new way to think about work is necessary in the age of AI.

Many people, for example highly intelligent people with Asperger, do not get a place in the workforce.

If you are sensitiv, intelligent and a independent thinker with personal conscience this is not an advantage, because you are mostly paid to obey. Soon may doctors, and even the most obedient officals, be replaced with algorithms. I wonder: what algorithm will be the first president?  As a human day designer you are never without work but you need a basic income, a security.  You need to structure Your day with meaning.

Something for the heart, something for the brain and something for the body.

What do You do a free day?

Mail and tell:

Instead of being isolated in his apartment E developed his day recipe. The days went soon  from 1, completely miserable, to 7, good, more than 1100 days.

Instead of feeling shame  J used the time and money from the social insurance as a basic income for reading, sailing, friendship,  having a life.

"Nobody can really make it alone"