Pangloss after Covid 19?

The neoliberal optimists defends the ruling elite, but can Pangloss friends continue to do so, or are the pitchforks coming after the Covid 19?

Never ever before has the child mortality been so low and the lifetime expectancy so high, could a soviet politruk have said 1960 refering to statistic.

Would this fact have been the truth about the quality of life in the Soviet Union?

Never before has our people been so entusiastic about the future and the leadership, never ever has the national economy done such a fantastic comeback , never ever has our country been so forceful, could a german Nazi have said 1938.

Would that have proved that Germany was on the right track?

Was Trump making america great 2019?

Was France on the right path year 1788?

Bertrand Russell writes in Western philosophy that Leibniz was one of the most intelligent people who have ever existed, but that he only published things that appealed to the rulers. Leibnitz tailor-made a teaching that appealed to the princes and princesses he served.

Leibniz did not challenge the elite  but instead tried to legitimize their power. Therefore he was popular among them. And well paid. But privately, he hid other not published teachings in the desk drawer which he feared would be perceived as offensive. According to Bertrand Russell, it was the popular Leibniz who set the doctrine that our world "is the best of all imaginable worlds", to which F.H Bradley noted sarcastically "that everything in it is one necessary evil" ; and it was the popular Leibniz as Voltaire caricatured as Dr. Pangloss. The new optimists seem to be heirs to doctor Pangloss.

Imagine that the New optimists suddenly became brainwashed and paid propagandists for North Korea and used one sided positive facts in favour for the totalitarian Kim regim instead for capitalism. It may sound like this:

1. Never ever before in history has the North Korean inhabitants been so many and lived such a long happy life. From 37,6 years 1955 to current life expectancy of 71,9 years +. It drops in the Usa but increase in North Korea. It may perhaps be the same within year 2030?

2. If we look 200 years back, income and life expectancy, survival of the children being born and reading ability has never been as high as now in North Korea. The reading ability is about  100 %, perhaps highest in the world. This sucess will continue in the future as long as we hold on to to the Kim regim.

3. North Koreans impact on the global environment per capita is also very much less than in the Usa but the hapiness of the North Koreans inhabitants is higher. With less  we produce more hapiness. And each University student graduating in North Korea will  have a book with all the facts and good statistic as a gift from Kim himself.

4 Our new measure, hapiness/ global environmental impact, shows the supremacy of North Korea compared to the west.

With the imagined New Kim Oriented optimists, billion of dollars, paid politicians and profesorships I think a lot of propaganda and books and statistic could be produced in favor for the  Kim regim.  And a book with all the positive facts could be given to all students all over the world, a relative to Factfullness.  Perhaps the new North Korean optimists could also advocate that the regim is a meritocracy!?

That would be funny. A challenge for  a modern Leibniz & Pangloss.

Who can deny that people in North Korea live around 72 years in average 2020 compared to 37 year 1950?

But that does do not make the North Korean system nice.

Even the Soviet Union elit could 1970 say that their system was the best ever in the country during history concerning average lifetime, reading ability et cetera.

Not mentioning facts like that that so many millions was murdered.

The New optimists praise for capitalism does not mean it is nice or will end well when 8 men own more than half of the population on earth.

The Neo liberal optimists has no problem with that.


In all cases, in the former USSR, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Trump, or among New liberal optimists of today it is a fact that they do not like bitterfulness, that you express your personal suffering or critical facts.

Is the Corona pandemic the end of neoliberalism, or

will the result be the same as 2008, and will then the pitchforks come?