A good day

Good dayƛ

Ingredients for body,  brain and heart.

Be by the sea, listen to the waves. feel the wind. Bath, dive, relax, feel satisfaction, be happy.

Let the stupidity be washed away, feel joy, simplicity, having contact with the enviroment we come from. Living well is the best revenge.

With friends  on a bike ride

11.00 Eat breakfast in bed

12.00 Read the whole day

18:00. Take a walk in the park

20:00. Party, eat and drink

03.00 Good night

Siesta on the beach with my woman,  look at the ocean, listening to the birds'. Now we are pleased with the existence. Being a retiree, provided you have good health, sufficient finances and good relationships is very fine. Today is such a day.

06.30 Breakfast in the harbour

07.30 Sail away

18.00 In a new harbour

19.00 Eat and drink

20.00 Listen to radio, read.

23.00 Fall asleep happy

09.00 breakfast

11.00 sauna

13.00 lunch

14.00 powernap

15.00 reading

18.00 walking

19.00 evening meal

20.00 hugs

23.00 sleep

09.00 Be outdoors, swim. Sleep. Play.

Eat strawberries.

19.00 Hugs

Bikes to the boat

windy, cold, takes a rest, sleeps in the boat.

Works with a sail, nice weather suddenly

Get help with toplamps & electricity

Fishing with a friend

Drink beer with the electrician

Reading Erlend Loe

A good  day in August

Wake up with hugs and kisses


Bicycle  trip

Bathing in the ocean, nice waves



A walk




Satisfaction with the day: 9 of 10