Wanted: basic income

Wanted: basic income


I am 55 years old and want a basic income.

I have been a wageworker since I was 14, more or less. But my best time in life was when I was free with a income, studied, and when I was home with my kids.

Background: I gave 35 years of my life being factory worker, teacher, parking guard, journalist, salesman, copy writer, employment officer and consultant for burned out people. I was paid from companies for making burned out employees change their coping strategy instead of seing that the workplaces produced exhausted personal and then got rid of them.

I am supposed to work until 67, forced to do it until 65. Most of my work was absurd in destructive organisations. And I am not alone feeling this way. 

"It's as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for the sake of keeping us all working."

Challenge: Living well. Instead of wage slavery I  want to use whats left of my life being with the people I love, reading, thinking, sailing, writing, walking in the forrest. Now 80 % of my energy goes to my job. But jobs are for AI. Living is for humans. Real work for me is to create meaning, good relations, wellbeing.

"The time has come to stop sidestepping the debate and home in on the real issue: what would our economy look like if we were to radically redefine the meaning of “work”? I firmly believe that a universal basic income is the most effective answer to the dilemma of advancing robotization. Not because robots will take over all the purposeful jobs, but because a basic income would give everybody the chance to do work that is meaningful."