When you are exhausted then is sitting on a bench looking for storks something to do instead of chasing wind & dubious ambitions.


When you see that the myths we need to survive are false, always has been and may continue to be, then you get a bit tired.


Being a daydesigner, Captain of Your day, helps the battery to reload. And gives a focus in the present.


When do you feel satisfied and grateful for being alive beyond the hypocrisy and false myths?


(I do it when I feel love, strength, and when I dont need to sell my time for money.)

The scale


10 = Briljant


9 = Bright


8 = Really good


7 = Good


6 = Rather good


5 = Okay


4 = Not okay


3 = Bareable


2 = Miserable


1 = Completely miserable

30 vacant days. In a row or one by one, together it makes a daydesigner month. Then you know when you are satisfied.



1. Esteem your well-being on the DD scale. Choose a figure that describes Your days in average the month before you started to be a daydesigner. Now You have your starting value.


2. Enjoy your day. Not to perform, but to feel meaning, joy, in simplicity.


3. When you go to sleep in the evening honestly satisfied with your day, then you have succeded as daydesigner.


Self-assess your well-being on the scale every evening, and observe how you spend Your day when you go to sleep satisfied.



4. How did those 30 days affect Your wellbeing?


Compare the average result this "month"(30 days) as a daydesigner with Your starting value.



Write about your days and those things that contributed most to your wellbeing


You can write to: respons@daydesigner.com

I give feedback due to my time available.


Tell about your wellbeing when you are Captain of your day. Compare with when you are not.

-How Stress Kills Our Ability To Feel Compassion


When people are sailing slowly they, as a rule, gives other seafarers in distress a friendly helping hand. Time is on those slowly moving sailors side. But driving on the motorway we move so fast that we as a rule don´t have the time to act with empathy.


Succesful people tend to be bad


The rich are different from you and me. They are more selfish


Good Samaritan Study of Darley and Bateson, Princeton University psychologists. "The amount of "hurriness" induced in the subject had a major effect on helping behavior, but the task variable did not (even when the talk was about the Good Samaritan).Overall 40% offered some help to the victim. In low hurry situations, 63% helped, medium hurry 45% and high hurry 10%."



that "ethics become a luxury as the speed of our daily lives increases"?


















Express yourself

Gratitude helps

Helping others helps you







Awe contra Narcissism