Power in daily life

Power in daily life helps us to live well


Being the captain of our day makes us strong.

Wage workers are so powerless that they get sick.


The workplace is killing people and nobody cares.


Health psychological research clarifies that wellbeing precedes success. Livving well in a often crazy world is the best revenge for a daydesigner. (One in five bosses is a psychopath).


Being in charge in our own life, sunshine and the social support from others produce health. Conquering this everyday wellbeing has become more difficult. Out of 7,272 surveyed U.S. adults, more than half had left their job to get away from their manager,


How to end up in a daily life that provides space for recovery and easy joy outdoors?

The power to decide how to spend the day is freedom. If we can go to bed tonight satisfied with the day, then we have suceeded as day designer, the "work" consists of living well.









Targeted action, work, can be excellent when it comes from your needs, carried out at your own pace, but how often is wage work such?


As a day designer, you consciously create balance between self-chosen action, reflection and rest. It takes time to establish new good habits but rewards in well-being are felt quickly. Well-being is an effect of having enough opportunities and power to take good care of the day. Being a day designer is less about understanding something new and more about spending time on what we already know is good for us. Today. The purpose is to live well, feel meaning. Well-being is a happy effect of that.


Being DD is no wage work but meaningful goal-oriented action, something you can benefit from when you have a day off. Most people have lived and will live in systems whose myths about themselves are more or less unreasonable, but acknowledged. Literature and art, even diary writing, is a often constructive way to deal with our suffering,


Taking care of the day and relations has been what in practice made me happy. Living well is the best revenge.

It is a time of confusion, opportunities and spiritual censorship. Few people are content with what they have. Many people feel that the situation is unsustainable, that the old pattern no longer works. Historian Yuval Noah Harari says that the meaning-creating myths we need to believe in having a common base are no longer credible to many people. In anticipation of a credible global story, we seem to turn inwards to find well-being. And what to do when humans no longer are useful for the economy?


Living in balance is necessary to feel good. But our system does not allow people to feel comfortable in peace and quiet.

Free time is a luxury.

The Impact of Power on Humanity: Self-Dehumanization in Powerlessness



Why hierarchy creates a destructive force within the human psyche (by dr. Robert Sapolsky)















Reflect on the moments that really makes you happy...


Being outdoors








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